Friday, November 23, 2007

The Thurman - Installed

The Thurmans are here, and Martin has already installed them. Here they are turned on, with all 300 Watts of Fresh Glow: And Off:Oh but wait, what is that on the stove?? Could it be....why yes it is....fresh homemade Chicken Pot Pie! I think that deserves a closeup. Yum.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Thurman

A small field trip to Rejuvenation revealed that the Jefferson light fixture, which I thought I coveted, is in fact Ginormous. My kitchen is not equally Ginormous, so I'm afraid I am going to have to reconsider and choose something which is an appropriate scale for my kitchen. Rejuvenation has an interesting room scale view feature where you can select a room size and show the proportions of the light in the room, but rather irritatingly they don't have this for every light fixture (in fact, they don't have this for ANY fixture I am considering), and my kitchen is smaller than any dimensions they have listed. Given that Rejuvenation is oriented towards Period Correct Lighting, how have they missed the fact that Period Kitchens are Tiny??

This schoolhouse-style fixture seems like the right thing to have, and other vendors seem to have smaller versions, like this one from Restoration Hardware, but sadly, the right-sized 9" model only supports a piddly 75 watts. This is not enough for our lighting needs in our dark, grey Seattle winters.

The great thing about the Big Honkin' Rejuvenation model is that it supports a generous 150 watts per fixture. Need it.

I am compromising on the Thurman, which at 9" wide, 7" long is about the right size, supports that required 150 watts, and is cheaper too. The only thing not to like is the 3 week lead time.