Sunday, May 20, 2007

Because having the Basement torn up just isn't chaotic enough

....While we're at it, why not put in a fan in the main bathroom. The existing joists aren't big enough (which may say scary things about the bedrooms above it), so we're dropping the ceiling 4" to accomodate the fan and oh, perhaps a ceiling light, as long as we are in there.

Our bathroom experience has gone from Dismal to Grim.

Ode to JM Encapsulated Insulation

JM Comfort Therm Encapsulated Insulation is so good, Someday people are going to write songs about it.

Carpenter Jim turned me on to it. It's wrapped in plastic, so you don't finish up a day of insulation looking and feeling like you got trapped in a blackberry bush. It doesn't cost much more than than the Kraft-backed stuff that itches like crazy, and it's mold resistant. What's not to like?