Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Listing Day for Ballardia Classic

I’ve failed to document the agony of getting Ballardia Classic ready for sale, but here it shines in its final splendor.

Thanks to my friend & Realtor Grace McKinnon-Weeks for her staging expertise, Realtor skills, and above all the wide-angle lens on her camera that actually made my dollhouse sized house appear to be full scale.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Original Charming Mercury Thermostat

The fun with the Original Charming Mercury Thermostat is that is works based on sliding the little lever to the desired temperature, which shifts the balance of the mercury to the “off” or “on” position. This of course depends on having the thermostat LEVEL TO THE WALL. Ours is dangling by one screw, and any adjustment to the temperature reading shifts the position of the entire thermostat, allowing us effectively two settings – Too Hot and Too Cold.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dorothy's house folder

The previous owner Dorothy lived in this house for 60 years, and finally passed away in 2006 (not in the house). Dorothy raised three children in the house, and finally lived there alone for over twenty years after her children left home and her husband passed away. Dorothy was the sort of neighbor everyone wants and we just can't even aspire to be.

With the house purchase, we also received Dorothy’s folder of house documentation. It’s pretty cool actually. We have the receipt and operating manual for the Washing Machine (10/17/1973), and the receipt for the Milgard windows, installed 11/6/1998, which have a LifeTime Warranty (unfortunately it was probably Dorothy’s Lifetime). I’ve got the documentation for the vinyl siding, purchased 4/28/1980, along with its 40-year warranty, the receipt for the backyard plum tree ($5.68 at Ernst on 3/6/1975), and the receipt for the new roof from 9/14/1999. Dorothy opted for the 40-year composite, although she would have been about 88 years old at the time the roof was installed. Love this woman.

I have the receipt for the oil furnace from 1963, the garage door from 1975, and the freezer from 1958. My personal favorite is the installation instructions for the Nutone range hood, which has no date on it, but must be pretty old as June Cleaver seems to be on the cover.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Puget Sound Regional Archives

The Puget Sound regional archives have pictures and documentation (assessments) of houses in the Seattle area, generally taken in 1937. They can be contacted at (425) 564-3942 to arrange for the purchase of copies of the pictures and/or records. This is the picture of our house. Too bad they changed the windows and the front door. I rather prefer the former garage door, too.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

200 amps

Can't move in without updated electrical…….a spanking new 200amp panel. The city charged us $239 for the permit and our miscellaneous outlet upgrades (even polarized is a step up), then Seattle City Light demanded their take of another $235. Hmmm… One would think it wouldn’t cost quite so much to get rid of the fire hazard fuse box? Perhaps the city should be giving us an incentive to be less likely to require their emergency services?